Quora – Can B.Com holders take Python courses? Is it worth it or not?

My answer to the above question.

Anybody can do a course in Python. It is all the more useful for commerce students. As more and more data is being generated, we must also have tools to get information from this data. Data is without meaning, raw. Information conveys some meaning, it is more useful. Hence as a commerce student you can use Python to process this data and generate results that provide greater insight.

To start with, pick up a free course on Udemy or YouTube. Learn the basics of Python and practice a lot on PyCharm or Thonny IDEs. Join Python communities on Telegram app, or support groups and seek help when in doubt. Read the online books – many are absolutely free. Take up some simple projects that will boost your confidence. You should do well.

All the best for your career.

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