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Education has become a casualty as educational institutions remain shut. But technology has come to the rescue again. Online teaching has many advantages and it is now showing its true potential as the whole world is locked in. Teachers throughout the world recognize they have a responsibility towards their students and even in these tough times, education must go on. Teachers are going about their work with the same enthusiasm and putting in many more hours of work at home to bring quality content and continued education for their students.

Teachers are using many different tools to make online teaching and learning successful. Although pre-recorded video lectures and PDF files have a role to play, the interactivity of a classroom is missing in these technologies. Live meetings on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet (Google Hangouts), Zoho, etc serve a purpose but when it comes to receiving a feedback or a ‘written’ response from students, a whiteboard is needed. Using Zoom, a student must click on “raise hand” icon to get attention of the teacher. But the tool I describe below gives LIVE FEEDBACK. is a site where teacher can create an interactive whiteboard and involve students in instantaneous feedback. Here are the features of this Interactive Whiteboard:

0. Totally FREE! No credit cards required.
1. No downloads needed
2. No installation needed
3. Go to the website and simply click on JOIN
4. Extremely simple user interface.
5. You will be presented with a link like this Room code is a 3 character code and will be different every time you use this product. But your link will be valid for 2 hours.
6. Share this link with your students and they will be able to interact with you.
7. You can view the whiteboards of students, erase their whiteboards, and if necessary, remove a student.
8. Teacher can see all responses in real-time – correct and incorrect as well. Students cannot see responses of other students.
9. As far as security is concerned, since there are no downloads, no installations, it is safe. Your white board is automatically erased after 2 hours.
10. Even if you are using Zoom, you can have whiteboard open in another window and get written feedback.
11. works on ANY DEVICE. Desktop computer, laptop, tablets, mobile phones. On tablet and mobile phone you can even ‘write’ with your finger, no stylus needed.

Its often said that beauty lies in simplcity. This is a simple to use product. To the wonderful team who created this amazing product – THANK YOU

So head over to and make your online teaching as effective d as classroom teaching.

Checkout this link for an informative video.

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