List Of Suggested Books Of Indian Authors And Publishers for First Year Engineering Education




1. Engineering Physics, Malik and Singh, Tata Mc Graw Hill 
2. Engineering Physics, Naidu, Pearson 
3. Mechanics, Mathur, S.Chand Publishing 
4. Classical Mechanics, Upadhyaya, Himalaya Publishing House 
5. Classical Mechanics, G. Aruldhas, PHI 
6. Engineering Physics, Gupta & Gaur, Dhanpat Rai 
7. Quantum Mechanics, Ajay Ghatak S. Lokanathan, Trinity 
8. Quantum Mechanics: A Text Book for Undergraduates, Mahesh C Jain, TMH 
9. Text Book of Quantum Mechanics, M. Mathews & Venkatesan, TMH 
10. Electromagnetic Theory, Prabir K. Basu & Hrishikesh Dhasmana, Ane Books 
11. Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Theory, Khunita, PHI 
12. A Text Book of Optics, Avadhanulu, S. Chand 
13. Optics, Ajoy Ghatak, TMH 
14. Modern Physics for Engineers, S.P. Taneja, R. Chand 
15. The Physics of waves and Oscillations, N.K. Bajaj, TMH


1. Engineering Chemistry, Satyaprakash & Manisha Agrawal, Khanna Book Publishing, Delhi 
2. A Text Book of Engineering Chemistry, Shashi Chawla, Dhanpat Rai & Co.Ltd. 
3. Essentials of Physical Chemistry, Bahl and Tuli, S.Chand Publishing 
4. Applied Chemistry, Sunita Rattan, Kataria 
5. Engineering Chemistry, Baskar, Wiley 
6. Engineering Chemistry – I, D. Grourkrishana, Vikas Publishing 
7. Laboratory Manual of Engg. Chemistry, Anupma Rajput, Dhanpat Rai & Co


1. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Chandrika Prasad & Reena Garg, Khanna Bk Pbg Co., Delhi 
2. Engineering Mathematics for first year, Veerarajan T., Tata McGraw-Hill 
3. Higher Engineering Mathematics, Ramana B.V., Tata McGraw 
4. Differential Calculus Shanti Narayan & Dr. P.K. Mittal, S.Chand Publishing 
5. A Course & Mathematical Analysis, Narayan & Mittal, S.Chand 
6. Elements of Mathematical Analysis, R.Agor
7. Integral Calculus Shanti Narayan & Dr. P.K. Mittal, S.Chand 
8. A Textbook of Matrices, Narayan and Mittal, S.Chand 
9. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Sashtry, PHI 
10.Engineering Mathematics – I, Reena Garg, Khanna Book Publishing


1. Basic Electrical Engineering, Ritu Sahdev, Khanna Book Publishing 
2. Basic Electric Engineering, DP Kothari & Nagrath, Tata McGraw Hill 
3. Basic Electrical Engineering, Mittle & Mittal, Tata McGraw Hill 
4. Basic Electric Engineering, DC Kulshrehtra, Tata McGraw Hill 


1. Engineering Graphics & Design, Jain, Maheshwary, Gautam, Khanna Publishing House 
2. Engineering Drawing, N D Bhat, Charotar Publishing House 
3. Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics, Shah, Pearson 
4. Textbook on Engineering Drawing, Narayana, Scitech Publishers 
5. Engineering Graphics, Agarwal & Agarwal, TMH 


1. Programming in ANSI in C, E Balaguruswamy, Tata McGraw Hill 
2. Computer Concepts and Programming in C, R.S. Salaria, Khanna Publishing 
3. Let us C, Yashavant P. Kanetkar, BBP Publications, Delhi

When you buy any of these books from this website, I may get a small commission from Amazon. This will NOT increase the cost of books for you but will help me to some extent in covering cost of maintaining this website and providing quality content. Thank you.

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