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The purpose of this blog is to share useful study material on Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics and related subjects. In order to recover some of the costs associated with hosting a site, I have opted for showing advertisements. I also suggest books that I have found useful and I am affiliated with Amazon for that purpose. Its another matter that so far I have not been able to generate any revenue from the site advertisements or the affiliate programme. However, although I may be expecting to earn some money from advertisements, it is not acceptable that inappropriate advertisements should appear on my site.

One of the advertisements that I have found to be misleading, inappropriate for an educational blog and that could lead to financial trouble is the following. I want to inform the readers of this site that this is not the type of advertisement that I will click. Unfortunately, I find that I am unable to control the type of advertisements that should appear on my blog, with my existing plan with the hosting provider. Here is the advertisement (I have obviously removed the link from this image):

Misleading Advertisement

I have reported this advertisement to my hosting service provider. Although below this advertisement you will find a caption “REPORT THIS AD”, my experience is that it doesn’t make any difference and this advertisement keeps showing up every few days. Clearing / not clearing cache is not the solution.

I also find the word “Indian” in that advertisement highly objectionable; “humiliated CEO” doesn’t have to be from of a specific nationality. Whatever nationality you may belong to, you will not like it, neither do I.

I urge all readers to exercise caution. PLEASE:
1. DON’T click on that advertisement.
2. Click on “REPORT THIS AD”

I don’t know whether or not this advertisement is a scam but it is better to be cautious. Scams aren’t new on Internet and scams aren’t going to go away from Internet, and scams aren’t going to scream out “SCAM,SCAM”. All we can do is stay safe, use our commonsense and if someone promises a bounty or a bonus, ask yourself, “WHY ME”, “ISN’T THIS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”, and remember, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world”.


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