THE Book For Someone You Hate !!!

Take a paper and pencil and start doing this division of 22 by 7. No, your latest home computer / laptop / mobile, etc will not work; you have to do it the long division way, just as you were taught in school.

Well, before you get serious, it will be a life time activity, and it may well carry on into your future generations – so don’t really start with it. It would be very irrational of you if you did start despite my warning. But if you do need the value of pi to the 873431st decimal place, look no further – here is the book. Buy it for yourself, or for someone you love, or love to hate.

1) NASA does not use more than 15 decimal places of pi for sending space ships all across the Universe. Just so that you know. Here is an essential link for you to read.
2) I know what I will do with all the free copies I get as a gift from you. 🙂

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