A Poem About Atomic Physics

In the world of atoms small,
There’s a realm of wonders all,
Where particles and forces play,
In a dance that never fades away.

The nucleus at the heart,
Contains the protons, dense and smart,
And the neutrons, strong and true,
Bound together, through and through.

Electrons orbit round and round,
In patterns that can be profound,
Their energy levels, always neat,
Dictate the atom’s every feat.

From the smallest grain of sand,
To the stars that fill the land,
Atoms form the building blocks,
Of the world around us, and of all that rocks.

So let us celebrate the atom’s might,
And the physics that reveals its light,
For without it, nothing would be,
And the world would be a mystery.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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