Make ChatGPT your friend

Questions can be answered by ChatGPT. The real skills required now will be:

1. Skill in framing a question (prompt) to get the most accurate, sensible answer from ChatGPT, and

2. Use human experiences and knowledge to check if the answer is correct.

Teachers must incorporate AI tools in teaching, there’s no alternative. Encourage students to use all available resources to learn what is relevant to their needs in the most efficient way. If Encyclopedia Britannica was our (‘our’ -> those who have to scroll for 10 minutes to reach their year of birth in date picker), search engine in ’80s, ChatGPT and their variations are the encyclopedias of 2023. Maybe plan a session in 2023-24 on how to prompt ChatGPT to generate proper response. Use it to generate your worksheets, case studies, question bank, … But always verify the output of ChatGPT.

Students must also be proactive and start using the tools that they are already using, but more productively. Stop saying ‘we were not taught this and that and that’. You know what the syllabus is, you know the limits of the syllabus from the books prescribed, so go and learn from these tools. Need clarification? Your teachers are always available.

Let 2023 be the year of no excuses.

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