CBSE 2024 Board Exam Important News

CBSE has introduced changes in the exam pattern for the 2024 board exam and also for classes IX and XI. As part of the changes, the number of competency-based questions has been increased for all classes, while the weightage for short and long answer-type questions has been reduced.

FOR classes IX and XI, the competency-based questions will now have 50% weightage compared with the earlier 40%. For classes X and XII, for the board exam in 2024, the competency-based questions will hold 40% weightage, as against the 30% earlier. The objective-type questions will be MCQs with a weightage of 20% and for short-answer and long-answer-type questions, the weightage will be 40% as compared to 50% last year.

The number of competency-based questions has been increased mainly in view of entrance exams for colleges/entry to universities. But the long-answer questions test the real knowledge.

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