Best Books – Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach, Jack D. Hidary

This is a standard text for learning about theoretical foundations of quantum computing, along-with a hands-on approach to the subject. Part I lays the necessary foundation of quantum computing, part II explains quantum computing algorithms, the hardware and applications, quantum computing methods; Part III deals with mathematical tools required for quantum computing.

Programming Quantum Computers, Eric R. Johnston, et al.

This books shows you how to build the skills, tools, and how to write quantum programs. The book explains the core concepts of quantum processing unit (QPU), manipulating qubits, quantum teleportation, quantum arithmetic and logic, algorithm techniques, Quantum Fourier Transform (QFT), building applications and quantum search techniques. A welcome addition in this book is introduction to Quantum Machine Learning.

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Michael A. Nielsen and Isaac L. Chuang

This is a ‘must-have’ book if you are interested in quantum computing. It has the mandatory topics on quantum algorithms and information theory, but surprises with topics on introductory quantum mechanics, introduction to computer science and complexity theory, quantum search algorithms, the physical realization of quantum computers, error correction and quantum information theory. Useful for graduate level study.

Quantum Computer Science, An Introduction: N. David Mermin

This book adheres to a “less is more adage”. There is little background on classical computer science, but the book explains nicely the how’s and why’s of quantum algorithms. The book deviates from the traditional nomenclature – qubits are called Qbits. But this is a good, easy to read, introduction on quantum computing. Good for undergraduate level study.

Quantum Computing Since Democritus, Scott Aaronson

This book is written in an informal style. It progresses through logic, set theory, quantum computing, cryptography, complexity theory, computability, and quantum information theory.

And here is my post about the video mentioned in this book.

An Introduction To Quantum Computing, Philip Kaye, et al

This is an introductory book suitable for graduate level study in quantum computing. The book has a brief introduction to Linear Algebra, and then discusses the framework of quantum computing, the quantum model of computation, a very quick overview of quantum teleportation. Then there are three chapters on quantum algorithms, followed by the mandatory complexity theory, but now for quantum algorithms. Good book.

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