Simplifying Physics

Hello! My name is Mukesh Tekwani. I teach Physics and Computer Science and have taught in colleges in Mumbai for over 3 decades. I love teaching and learning and through these pages I intend to transfer some of my enthusiasm for Physics and Computer Science to my students.

Physics is one of the most important subjects if you are aspiring for a career in engineering, medicine or basic sciences. Physics is a compulsory subject for the engineering, medical and many other entrance exams. It is also considered by many students to be a very difficult subject. You can read my article here to understand why that is so. I have also written here about study techniques and good practices for students.

Through this website I am sharing with you, notes on physics and computer science.

Which Boards and Classes?

  • Boards: HSC (Maharashtra), CBSE, ISCE, Cambridge
  • Entrance Exam : CET (Physics) / NEET (Physics)
  • Class 11
  • Class 12
  • AS level
  • A level

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