Shortcuts To A Faster Internet

Image by skylarvision from Pixabay

The speed of browsing the Internet is dependent not only speeds provided by your Internet service provider, but also on your own skills with the keyboard and familiarity with the browser. If you can master these few shortcuts I provide here, you will be able to browse faster, without the mouse. These keyboard shortcuts will work with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and FireFox browsers. You can try with other browsers as well and share your experiences here in the comment box below.

ActionKeyboard Shortcut key
Page up and downSpace and Shift + Space
Jump to the top and bottom of a pageHome and End keys
Move Between LinksTab and Shift + Tab
Click a linkEnter
Jump to the address barCtrl + L
Relaod a PageCtrl + R
Go back to Previous pageAlt + Left Arrow
Go forwardAlt + Right Arrow
Select a Tab (when many tabs are open in a browser window) (Left most tab is numbered 1, next is 2 and so on)Ctrl + 1-8
Switch to the Next or Previous TabCtrl + Tab or Ctrl+Shift +Tab
Close a TabCtrl + W
Open a New TabCtrl + T
Reopen an old (closed) TabCtrl+Shift+T
Open a New WindowCtrl+N
Open a new incognito windowCtrl+Shift+N
Zoom into a pageCtrl+Plus
Zoom outCtrl+Minus
Search for a word or phrase in a active tabCtrl+F
View HistoryCtrl+H
View DownloadsCtrl + J
Add a Page to BookmarksCtrl+D
Clear all Browsing Data (this requires confirmation)Ctrl+Shift+Del
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