The Twitter Guide


# (Hashtag)A way to group a tweet into a topic
@Put before a username to link to that user’s profile
BioBiography that appears on your profile (160 characters)
BlockStop someone from seeing & interacting with your profile
BookmarkSaving tweets in a collection of favorites
Direct messageA Private message sent to another user
ExplorePart of Twitter where you can view trends, events, & topics
FollowSubscribe to another account and see their tweets in your timeline
LikesThe heart icon that shows that you like a tweet
ListA custom timeline made up of a series of accounts
MentionMentioning another user in your tweet
MuteHiding accounts, phrases, hashtags, and more from your timeline
Pinned tweetA tweet that appears at the top of your profile permanently
RetweetSharing someone else’s tweet to your timeline
ReplyResponding to someone else’s tweet
ThreadA series of linked tweets from one user
TimelineA stream of twewts, ordered chronologically
TweetA message on Twitter, up to 280 characters
VerifiedAn account that has a blue check to indicate it’s a legitimate source


Action (What you want to do)Action (Keyboard Shortcut)
Shortcut help?
Next TweetJ
Previous TweetK
Page DownSpace
Load New Tweets.
HomeG + H
Explore G + E
NotificationsG + N
MentionsG + R
ProfileG + P
LikeG + L
ListsG + I
Direct MessageG + M
SettingsG + S
BookmarksG + B
Go to UserG + U
Display SettingsG + D


Action (What you want to do)Keyboard Shortcut
New TweetN
Send TweetCtrl+Enter
New Direct MessageM
Share TweetS
Mute AccountU
Block AccountX
Open Tweet DetailsEnter
Expand Photo O
Open or Close Messages DockI


Action (What you want to do)Keyboard Shortcut
Pause/Play Selected VideoK
Mute Selected VideoM
Go to Audio DeckA+ D
Play/Pause Audio DeckA + Space
Mute / Unmute Audio DeckA + M

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