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Welcome to my website! I have taught various branches of physics such as nuclear physics, atomic physics, electromagnetism, classical mechanics, electrostatics, analog, digital electronics, etc.

I have also taught Computer science, C, C++, Java, 'advanced' Java, Python, C# and many other subjects of computer science and IT such as computer graphics, computational mathematics, computer networks, programming, operating systems, data structures, financial applications of Excel, scientific applications of spreadsheets, etc.

I am the author of books on computers University of Mumbai.

My special interest in writing is in writing on physics, competitive exams in physics, programming, electronics, and computer science.

I am passionate about science, technology, and education. Through this site I am sharing my thoughts on learning and teaching physics, computer science and also, occasionally, mathematics and statistics. I am sharing ideas on how to study (or learn, although both these words are not synonymous) physics, experimental techniques in physics, how to make notes on physics, computer science, mathematics and statistics This information should be of interest to all students of physics at all levels, K-12, IGCSE, IB, AS/A levels), HSC, and undergraduate levels of science and other equivalent exams.

At this time, I engross myself by learning the, almost mysterious, subjects of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, particle physics, and trying to understand the fundamentals of astrophysics.

I am happy to share my thoughts and will appreciate any feedback. Come on board, and let’s see how we can make this planet a better place!

Mukesh Tekwani