What is PER and Why Is It Important?

What Is Physics Education Research?Physics Education Research (PER) is research into the learning, understanding and teaching of physics and the application of physics knowledge. Physics Education Research is not yet popular in India. How many universities have courses on this… Read More ›

What do Physicists Really Do?

What is common between a management consultant, a musician, a psychiatrist, an oceanographer, a theologian, a teacher, a baker, software professional, predictive analyst, a writer, a philosopher….? “Hidden Physicists” are people with a physics background, but without a typical physics… Read More ›

Careers in Quantum Technology

“A classical computation is like a solo voice—one line of pure tones succeeding each other. A quantum computation is like a symphony—many lines of tones interfering with one another.”― Seth Lloyd, Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos… Read More ›

Ethics of AI

“Humanity is on the verge of digital slavery at the hands of AI and biometric technologies. One way to prevent that is to develop inbuilt modules of deep feelings of love and compassion in the learning algorithms.” ― Amit Ray,… Read More ›

What is Geomatics Engineering

What is Geomatics Engineering? Over 80% of the world’s information has a location component associated with it. This location component (or position-dependent data) is called the spatial data. Geomatics is the science, methods and applications of geospatial information. In geomatics,… Read More ›

Little Steps Matter

Length of one step while walking is approximately 2 feet or 60 cms. So every step you walk, you cover a distance of 60 cm. Now, this is easy to remember. You know that a First Class in an exam… Read More ›