Class XII – Chapterwise Important Questions for 2023-24 Board Exams

NEW REVISED QUESTION BANK FOR CBSE / ISC PHYSICS FOR 2024 EXAM will be released soon. It will be available in PDF format (sent by email). It will be based on the rationalized syllabus of these exams for academic year… Read More ›

Is physics useful for students branching out into life sciences like botany, zoology, biotechnology, biophysics, medicine? Can you suggest some examples? Which books and topics should I read up to build a strong foundation for studying life sciences?

Yes, physics can be very useful for students branching out into life sciences such as botany, zoology, biotechnology, biophysics, and medicine. Understanding the basic principles of physics can help you understand how living systems work and how they interact with… Read More ›

Experimental Physics

Experimental work in a laboratory is an essential component of physics learning and teaching. Why is physics practical important and what do you have to do in a physics laboratory? In this post I discuss the need of doing a physics experiment, elements of a physics experiment, techniques to conduct physics experiments and how performing physics practicals helps in understanding the theory.