Study Techniques

Online Learning – Few Tips

The first thing you will observe is that this post is not about online teaching, its about learning. So, although teachers and educators are welcome to read the post, it is more important for online learners and parents of young… Read More ›

Study Techniques

There are no secrets to this. These are tested techniques, so just go ahead and follow these. Make changes which will help you in doing better. Organize your study material and books. Keep them in one place, everyday so that… Read More ›

Question Bank – Why & How

Why is it Important To Solve a Question Bank? Before you run a marathon, you must practice everyday. Your Board exams are like a marathon. You must be prepared to answer the question paper, in the allotted time and be… Read More ›

ISCE Physics Exam

The Physics exam is just a few days away. Hopefully you have read my earlier article on preparing for the Physics exam. I am sure you have revised the entire syllabus and especially these important topics given below: Ampere circuital… Read More ›