What weight laptops are good for a regular college student?

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Consider this: why are you buying a laptop? Will you be doing programming on it? If you will be doing programming then will you have to carry the laptop to your college or university? If no, you probably need to keep the laptop at home most of the time. In that case, the weight doesn’t matter. The lighter the laptop, the more is the cost, so consider whether you want to put more money into reducing the weight of the laptop. These light-weight laptops are classified as slim laptops. You may find that you can stay with a slightly heavier laptop and you could install a solid state drive or more RAM that will make it faster.

But if you have to carry a laptop to college, please consider the purpose. Do you need the laptop to access the Internet or save your notes while taking notes in a lecture, or to access email? In that case, do you really need a laptop? Can the same purpose be served by a decent tablet that will cost less than 20% of the laptop cost. You could than have a regular (not light and expensive) laptop at home. If you are into blogging, and travel blogs, or vlogs also, you probably need a better camera than a laptop provides. So that’s the reason a good tablet or a smartphone may be better.

In another 2–3 years we may not even have a hard disk in laptops as the whole world moves to cloud storage like Google drive. So the idea of carrying even a “light” laptop may be outdated because a tablet will be always more convenient.

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What is your opinion about this? Please do share here.

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