Quantum Mechanics – The Model Explains

One of the strangest books on Quantum Mechanics is Quantum Computing Since Democritus, by the well-know quantum computing theorist, Scott Aaronson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). This book takes readers on a tour through some of the deepest ideas of mathematics, computer science, and physics.

There’s a story behind this book. I will not tell the whole story, for that you must buy this book that is worth every qubit you spend on it. Here goes:

A television commercial for Ricoh printers featured two female fashion models in a makeup room, having the following conversation:

The commercial then flashed the tagline “A more intelligent model,” followed by a picture of a Ricoh printer.

You can watch this advertisement on Youtube, but before you go that way, you may well wonder what has this advertisement to do with the book mentioned! Well, that’s why you need to buy the book and discover the secret. I have already ordered my copy from Amazon.

P.S. Ricoh Printers isn’t sponsoring my website, although I haven’t stopped them 🙂

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