Vishing – Cyber Crime

If you receive a phone call or an SMS claiming to be from your bank and asking you to divulge your personal details for upgrade, rectification or a gift, BEWARE, for it may be a vishing attack!

‘Vishing’ is an activity where a fraudster uses the phone to lure people into revealing their confidential banking details. Sharing your bank details is just like giving your wallet to a stranger! Will you do that? Read on!

The following details are confidential and no bank will ask for the same. No bank employee is authorised to ask for these details through a phone call or via SMS. So don’t share these even if the person claims to be a bank employee. Sometimes the fraudster will tell you that he is from the bank and he has your details but wants you to tell him on the phone so that he can verify these. Tell him/her that you prefer verifying in-person at the bank and will not do so on the phone.

Which Information Bank Never Requires?

  • Credit / Debit card number, Expiry date, Grid Values, PIN, Userid and Password.
  • CVV (a three digit security code on the back of your credit / debit card).
  • One Time Password (OTP) (a six digit code sent on your registered mobile phone number / email id when you initiate a transaction.

Your mobile is your bank. Care for it. Don’t let it fall in undesirable hands. Never share any of the above information with anyone. Bank will never ask for this information simply because they already have it in their secure computer networks.

Stay Smart. Stay Safe.

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