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There are a lot of posts nowadays on social media, offering certain services or products or jobs, for free. The intriguing feature of all these posts is that they will ask for your phone number or/and email address, or may just ask you to press the Like button, etc. Those who put these posts will never give sufficient details about the service, the job, or the product they want to sell. Nor will they give their own phone number. On many occasions, you will find their own profile on social media is almost incomplete – no friends, no posts in recent past, no details of their education, work experience, etc.

Now ask yourself this question: Would YOU like to receive say a few hundred phone numbers/email addresses of people who have no interest in paying for your service and are just clicking and thereby will you increase your workload, or will you rather give maximum information upfront and then let a few genuinely interested people correspond with you?

This is a big scam going on now – people will put up posts asking you to share your details. Your mobile number and email may be linked to your bank accounts/mobile wallets, etc. Do you want to give out such sensitive personal information about yourself, openly?

Even if you feel the need to respond to such a post, please send a direct message (DM) to that person so that your data is not available to the entire world. You never know who will misuse your data. Check the person’s profile on social media – has this person put up his/her own information online? If you donot find enough information or credible information, you need not share your details. Be paranoid about security.

Stay Safe on the Internet. MASK your personal data.

Check these videos about cyber laws ad cyber crime.

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