What one fool can do, another can

Let that headline not offend you. This is from a book. A book titled “Calculus Made Easy” on “Differential Calculus and The Integral Calculus”, by Silvanus P. Thompson, F. R. S. (Fellow of the Royal Society). This was published in 1914. At the end of this article I have mentioned how you can get a free PDF.

Now, what is unique about this? The Prologue of the book, for instance. Have a look at this:

This is a book that explains calculus as it promises – simply and in simple ways. If calculus has been giving you nightmares, start with any book that is recommended for you, but do read this book. if dy and dx confuse, or the long elongated S (a slithering snake?) frightens you, this book helps you understand those symbols and terms and most calculus in a fun and easy way. You have heard of hours, minutes, seconds, but did you know why seconds are called ‘seconds’? This book gives you the background to that.

I shall not spoil the fun by having you read this – rather, go get this book. Its free PDF.

Don’t forget the epilogue and apologue:

I know you will love math after reading this book. And if you are a teacher, you will love it some more because explaining calculus will become super-easy.

Do share your opinions, ideas about this book, about how it helped you understand the topic better, and if and how, it helped you become a better teacher of calculus.


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