Building AI – New (FREE) Course from University of Helsinki, Finland

Before you join any fully-paid course on AI / ML, please read this.

In an earlier article, I had discussed the free online course, “Elements of AI“, from University of Helsinki, Finland. Now, University of Finland, in association with Reaktor, has started a sequel to “Elements of AI”. The new course is called “Building AI”.

The new MOOC (massive open online course), Building AI looks into the actual algorithms behind AI. Building AI online course teaches you how to craft your own AI idea. The course is for anyone who wants to improve their AI-related skills and vocabulary, including non-programmers and people who can program in Python. It helps if you have some basic Python programming skills, but it also offers exercises with no programming needed. The level of assignments can be changed over the duration of the course, which encourages students to pick the more challenging ones.

Building AI is a continuation of Elements of AI. This course was so popular that it became the world’s first online course to be published in all official EU languages. With over half a million participants, Elements of AI has been voted the best AI course on Class Central and Forbes. The Lead Instructor for this new course is Professor of Computer Science Teemu Roos from the University of Helsinki.

Any development that takes place in AI must be all-inclusive, in order to eliminate all biases of race, gender, geographical location, religious beliefs, color, etc. Both these courses focus on people who are most often left out of technology discussions and that effort has paid off: Nearly 40% of participants in Elements of AI are women, and 25% are over the age of 45. Elements of AI also won the grand prize in MIT’s Inclusive Innovation Challenge in 2019.

So what are the fees for this course? This course, “Building AI”, is free, as is the other course “Elements of AI”. However, you can purchase an official certificate of course completion for €50. The certificate is not a requirement, as the entire course can still be completed and the credits earned completely free of charge.

So what topics are covered in this new course? Building AI is a more in-depth and technical course, to be taken after you complete “Elements of AI”. The new course covers topics such as the need for AI, optimization, Hill Climbing problem, probability fundamentals, Bayes rule, Naive Bayes classifier, Machine Learning, regression models, neural networks, regression models, deep learning, and more. Throughout the course, there are many exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Is knowledge of Programming a prerequisite for the course “Building AI”?
For the introductory course, “Elements of AI”, no knowledge of programming is required.

For the advanced course “Building AI”, a beginner need not know programming and all questions are of multiple choice (MCQ) type only. For Intermediate level, some Python programming knowledge is needed. Exercises include modifying existing code or writing simple code. For Advanced level, you should be comfortable with programming in Python. Exercises include writing code in Python.

So what are you waiting for? Jump to the course, enroll for free and start your journey to the future of computing and the way we will live and work in the very near future – AI. And remember, “future is always closer to us than it appears”, just as in the image at the top of this article!

Have you taken any online course in AI, deep learning, machine learning? What was your experience with that course? Please share it here with other readers.

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