How many GB should a laptop have for college?

A laptop has three components which are measured in GB. These are:
1) Hard Disk
2) Main memory or primary memory or RAM
3) SSD
Which one are you referring to?

That apart, there’s no “one size fits all” solution here. It depends on at least two major factors:
1) How much money are you willing to spend?
2) What are your applications?

  1. Generally, for a hard disk, 1TB (1000 GB) is sufficient TODAY. It should also be sufficient for about next 2–3 years.
  2. Go for at least 8 GB RAM, preferably 16 GB.
  3. For a SSD, 256 or 512 GB are good enough, it will make your computer faster as far OS is concerned. CD/DVD drives are almost phased out so don’t worry about those.

Now these specifications are for standard usage – MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), browsing, watching YouTube, making videos, learning programming, developing apps, etc. But if you have gaming in mind, be ready to shell out big bucks as you will have higher specifications! Again if you are going to work on data intensive applications, AWS, etc., look at higher specifications in terms of RAM, graphics cards. If you want to make videos, keep in mind that video editing is a time- consuming process so the more RAM you have the faster it will be and SSD will surely help.

In general, its best not to go overboard when buying a computer/laptop. Technology that is available in market is outdated. Technology that is really new, cool, and impressive, is still in the lab stage. Most laptops should serve you well for 3–4 years before newer technology makes you want something else. So, plan your requirements, decide what you will use it for, and spend.

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