I want to become teacher so I have to take Admission in B. Ed but I want to provide tutions to other students so my fear goes away….. Can anyone guide me how to start?

  1. Identify the subject that you yourself liked as a student. It can be any subject like geography, math, science, languages,.. whatever. If you like learning a subject, you will like teaching it also.
  2. Identify the class, syllabus and textbooks and other guide books that students usually read. Get 2-3 books on that subject and study this syllabus and the flow of topics.
  3. Prepare some notes on atleast 3-4 chapters initially. Handwritten notes are perfectly OK to start with. Notes in question-answer form are helpful.
    Use different types of questions like one line answer, MCQs, define, explain, labelled diagrams, long answer, etc. As you read the text and questions at the end of each chapter, you will get the idea to make more types of questions. If possible, get question bank of different schools. Google will help in this.
  4. This complete exercise will take about a month to perfect. After this you are ready to spread the word in your neighborhood that you take tuitions.
  5. Keep fees reasonable, neither too high nor too low.
  6. When parents approach, discuss with them a timetable – how many days a week, how many hours per session, how will you help the student in learning, etc
    Show your notes to parents and student so that they know what they will get.
  7. Before starting each chapter, give Xerox copy of notes of that chapter only to student. Tell them that you expect them to atleast read a few parts before the next session. Don’t give all your notes of entire syllabus in the beginning.
  8. Discuss rhe subject with the student. Ask questions during your lecture and see the response. If correct response, compliment the student else explain why student is wrong. Never tell a student that he is wrong. Explain why student is wrong.
  9. Be available to solve your student’ s difficulties, but don’t say that student can contact you any time. Your time as a teacher is valuable and scarce. Set a time schedule when they can contact you. Part of education is inculcating the discipline of time management.
  10. Keep reading more about the topics that you are teaching or about to teach, because today students know more than what is given in textbooks. Thanks to YouTube and Internet.
  11. Keep parents informed about the progress of their child. Do this atleast monthly basis. They must know.
  12. Remember, the student learns from the teacher only for about 1-2 hours a day. WHAT student learns is important and HOW student studies is what teacher tells. Parents must appreciate that their child is with them for most of the time and they should encourage their child and keep a watch on him/her. A child’s progress in learning depends not only on the teacher teaching, but also on the child’s interest, attitude and parent’s attitude towards education.

All the best for a most exciting career in education.


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