What is Geomatics Engineering?

What is Geomatics Engineering? Over 80% of the world’s information has a location component associated with it. This location component (or position-dependent data) is called the spatial data. Geomatics is the science, methods and applications of geospatial information. In geomatics,… Read More ›

India Science

For many parents and students, the two most sought after careers are in engineering and medicine. Science education is the second most common field of study throughout the country and there is also a huge coaching/publishing industry that caters to… Read More ›

The Ideal Teacher

To all teachers: “Teach well, because you are going to retire in a world that your students will run”. Here’s a bit I came across recently in a very old issue of the, now defunct, Science Age magazine (Sept 1985)… Read More ›

What about Learning?

COVID19 has caused more destruction than anyone could have ever imagined. What is becoming clear now is that COVID19 has also challenged the traditional school–> college —> university education model. It remains to be seen how education will change in… Read More ›