Live Sessions on Problem Solving for Physics for Class 12 – Academic Year 2022- 23

Registration to this session is now closed. The Online session starts on July 16, 2022. New session details will be announced soon.

Dear Student,

Trust this finds you well.

Physics involves solving many numerical problems. My experience of teaching physics shows that many students find it difficult to solve numerical problems in Physics.

In order to make problem solving easier, I am arranging a series of live sessions of 1 hour each, conducted on five successive days of the week in which, we will be solving the examples and derivations of difficult topics from the chapter on Electric Charges and Fields for Class 12 Physics syllabus for CBSE and ISCE Board Exam. These will be based on Live sessions using Zoom app and also on YouTube.

If you would like to be informed about the schedule for these LIVE sessions, please complete the form beow so that I can send you the details of exact dates and times along with the Zoom / YouTube link.

Study well and Stay Safe.


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