What are the best online course providers globally?

The best online course providers depend on your area of interest. There is no single site where you can find subjects of all domains.

For the academically-inclined the best sources are MIT OCW, Coursera, EdX, Swayam, and NPTEL. These courses are in-depth and extremely useful for students of humanities, sciences, and engineering. If you are looking for a wider range of subjects, Udemy is a very good marketplace of courses on finance, accounting, personal development, health and fitness, programming, management, etc. Udacity has excellent courses on autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, programming, cloud computing, data science, and cyber security. Another good site for the technically inclined is PluralSight, with courses on Java, PHP, JavaScript, etc. For skill-based courses like animation, drawing, illustration, public speaking, photography, scriptwriting, storytelling, etc, the best place is SkillShare. Linkedin Learning has courses on various subjects like public speaking, engineering, software engineering, cloud services, business analysis, career development, finance, HR, marketing, project management skills, etc. Future Learn is another provider of online courses from UK universities, in diverse fields but is more Europe-centric.

Video learning is here to stay. And with the advent of newer technologies, 5G, metaverse, and virtual reality, the market for online content providers and content creators is sure to expand. Learning is no longer confined to the walls of a classroom. Anybody can learn Anything, Anytime, Anywhere on AnyDevice. Happy Learning!

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