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Teachers all over India have taken up the challenge and are continuing to teach even in these difficult times. Dr D R Vij (Retd.) is a renowned Professor of Physics from Kurukshetra University, India. Dr. Vij has created a YouTube channel and a mobile phone app (available on Google PlayStore) for online learning for students of class upto 12. All video lessons cover full NCERT syllabus in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology and English of IX to XII classes. The videos lectures are systematically indexed on the website wherein one can register oneself free of cost. The list of videos is updated on this site. Student can study in the comfort of her/his home and avoid travelling and crowded classrooms and expensive classes. There are many more videos on the YouTube channel and you can search for these on

This YouTube channel has about 1600 videos, for IX to XII classes, in the subjects of science, maths, physics, chemistry and biology. About 600 more videos are yet to be uploaded in due course.

One can download Gianmandir Learning APP from following link: through which video lectures can be watched.

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  1. dear mukesh i watched the video. how is the video created whatnis expense what do u need what about swayam Thanking you, With Regards will u gide,

    Dr. Anil Pedgaonkar

    Ph.D, M.Tech, M.Phil, M.Sc, NET, B.Ed

    Head,Postgraduate Department of Mathematics, The Institute of Science, Mumbai Mobile:(91)(9222188707)


    • Video recording can be done with a mobile phone. Most phones that are about 2-3 years old have very good cameras. Use the rear camera to record movie. A lavalier microphone can be clipped on to the shirt. These mics cost 200-300 starting range and go up to 7000/-. But I use a clip on lavalier microphone costing about 300/-. That’s it! You can write on a blackboard, or computer whiteboard and record the video. Many find it easy to write on paper and record. It’s easier to write on paper for mathematics.
      Use a free screen recording software like OBS Studio. There are a few free video editing software like Flikora.
      So basically the cost is of a mic only. And investment in time.


  1. Gian Mandir – Learning App – SciTechGen.Com

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