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In an earlier post I have discussed about the YouTube channel of Prof (Dr) D. R. Vij. This channel has a massive collection of over 1600 video lectures of classes 9 to 12 – probably one of the largest collection of videos based on NCERT syllabus. This covers physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and English. There is hardly any topic that is not covered in this massive collection. There are another atleast 500+ videos more in the pipeline.

Since most video consumption is now taking place on the mobile phone, Dr Vij has introduced a smartphone app called “Gian Mandir Learning” This app is available on Google PlayStore. All video lectures on YouTube can be accessed from this app. What makes it easier to access the lessons from the app is that all information is available based on class and subject; this makes the search extremely easy and quick. At a time when everyone is selling their next education miracle pill, Dr Vij’s channel is refreshingly fresh, absolutely free, and as per the national syllabus of NCERT. Education cannot be a privilege of the few and through this channel, Dr Vij has ensured that no child, no matter where in India or the world, is deprived of education. While all YouTube channels are concentrating on science subjects only, Dr Vij’s channel also coaches for English. This is essential because although explanation can be given in Hindi or regional languages, knowing technical terms and representation in proper English is essential.

This is a massive effort by a reputed academician and the model of education is worth replicating by other academicians also.

Download the app from here on Google PlayStore.

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