Question Asked by a Teacher – Should I go for teaching online if I am not getting offline teaching jobs? But I don’t have experience of online teaching.

I don’t think that’s proper. The difference between online teaching and offline teaching (classroom teaching in a college / school) is the difference between gully cricket and Test cricket, it is the difference between cinema and theatre, …. You get confidence of teaching and knowing a subject when you are in front of 60–80–100 or as was in my case, 120 students, in a classroom at a time. When you see students’ eyes shine and a satisfaction on their face, you will feel very happy. Students don’t just see what a teacher writes on the board or listen to his/her words – students are also picking up signals that tell them how confident the teacher is in the subject, how humane the teacher is, how friendly the teacher is, whether they can approach him/her after lectures to solve other doubts or ask for help on their personal problems. As a teacher, one becomes their guardian. That enables us teachers to be at our best in our speech, appearance and behavior, and set an example. Online teaching cannot give the same thrill, the enjoyment, the satisfaction.

So my humble request would be – go for offline/classroom teaching wherever you get an opportunity. It may be in a school or a college as a contract teacher, or coaching classes, wherever. You may like it so much that you never will think of doing online teaching. Classroom teaching gets better income as well, and side-by-side, teach online also for the additional income. So maybe you can schedule 2–3 hours of online courses on your holidays/Sundays.

As far as experience of online teaching is concerned, most of us have got that experience after March 2020. Look up some videos on YouTube about how to teach online using YouTube videos, Google Forms, Google Sites, Microsoft Forms, Zoom / Teams and similar apps. For information about equipment needed to teach online the following article may help you: Which are the best desktop computers to teach and study online for teachers?

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What are your views on this? Please do share. All the best.

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