Impact of ICT on Urban Development

Introduction Information and communications technologies (ICT) have been radically changing the way we work, do business, socialize, learn, and play. ICTs have also been affecting cities and the spatial arrangements of activities within cities. City boundaries are no longer physical;… Read More ›

Smartphones will become passe

We use our mobile for many activities everyday – booking plane tickets, placing orders for groceries, chatting, financial transactions, travelling, translating, food delivery, ride-hailing, learning…. so its natural to assume that smartphones will rule this decade starting 2020. But, Baidu… Read More ›

What is 2FA?

As we move our lives online, we find that the criminals have also changed their territory and modus operandi and they are adopting technology to break into our social media accounts, bank accounts, email, messaging apps, etc. When Internet was… Read More ›

The Wonders of Physics

Physics is the most basic of all sciences and along with mathematics forms an essential part of study. The numerous applications of physics to communications, space research, medicine, and even branches as diverse as financial engineering only show the vast… Read More ›

Live Commerce

The convergence of ecommerce and livestreaming is transforming shopping. This convergence is called live commerce. This new trend of mixing two technologies is revolutionizing shopping. Amazon popularised ecommerce and has enabled people to buy products that they could only see… Read More ›


In his last book “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”, Stephen Hawking the late theoretical physicist declared that “There is no God”. The British scientist suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). According to Hawking, “for centuries  it was… Read More ›